Event Reviews

Event Reviews“Tracy’s workshops are wonderful to attend. Whether it be virtually or in person, the energy that she allows to be created in the group is one that is calm, relaxing and healing. I continue to attend Tracy’s workshops because her wealth of knowledge on spiritual practices is shared in an understandable and relatable way. I always feel like I’ve grown spiritually after I have attended. Tracy’s gentle and supportive approach, alongside her enthusiasm for the spiritual path makes attending groups a fun and rewarding experience. My life has and is continuing to, shift and change for the better. Thank you Tracy.”

“I love the tenor of what Tracy does. Sincere. Heart-felt. Authentic. Enthusiastic about the journey. Enlivened by the potential. Awakened to the discovery and the simplicity. Committed to unconditionally being a part of the joy. Recognising that the potential for joy is always there.”

“Very informative and amazing positive energy.”

“Highly recommend, it is clear that Tracy practices what she teaches.”

“The workshops help to keep me inspired and I feel like they give me ‘an energetic tune-up’.”

“Feel-good and bursting with a sense of real possibilities.”

“I’m so appreciative of being able to drop in to the weekly groups as they help me to stay feeling balanced and centred. I particularly like the group meditations as I find them very calming.”

“Excellent workshop with clear theory and powerful, practical techniques that have led to significant positive changes in my life.”

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