About Tracy Friend

Tracy Friend is a world leading spiritual teacher and coach whose pioneering approach has touched thousands of people’s lives internationally.

Tracy is passionate about helping people to awaken more deeply to their true nature and to create the life they want. She is a firm believer in that as we do the work of training our mind to connect with our true essence and remove blocks to that connection that our life will be one of a positive, continuous unfolding into living our higher potential with life taking on a greater meaning as the sacredness of life is revealed.

Tracy ‘walks her talk’ with her work being a natural expression of her in-depth and extensive spiritual practice and study. She views spirituality as a deep inner calling to fulfill our highest potential in this lifetime of moving from the dualistic experience of life of the separate self to the oneness of knowing our interconnection with the world.

In 2003 Tracy co-founded the Law of Attraction Centre. She teaches the Law of Attraction in addition to teaching practices to help people achieve increasing levels of liberation.

Tracy’s work draws on her broad knowledge and experience of many different spiritual paths. She has extensively studied and practiced meditation with her having participated in over 35 residential silent meditation retreats in the UK, Malaysia, Nepal and India over the last 20 years in addition to maintaining a rigurous consistent daily practice of meditation.

Other material that her work draws on includes A Course in Miracles, The Way of Mastery and the Paul Selig material. Tracy is also a qualified yoga teacher and a qualified qigong teacher.

Tracy has a first class honours degree in Psychology from the University of Bristol.

Her work has been featured on BBC radio London and in Balance Magazine.

Tracy maintains a rigorous events schedule of workshops, seminars, retreats, the Opening to Love group and Qigong sessions and Yoga sessions. As well as working with individuals, Tracy works with organisations to assist employees with maintaining a positive mental state and with realising their business and personal visions.

Her life and her work have been touched and influenced by her love of countries with a very spiritual focus with her particularly appreciating Bali and Nepal in which spirituality feels imbued in day to day life.