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Reflexology Herne Hill London SE24

Tracy Friend is a Reflexologist who practices at Herne Hill Space, SE24, London. Home visits are available in Herne Hill, West Norwood, Tulse Hill, Brixton, Streatham, Balham, Crystal Palace, Gipsy Hill, Dulwich and the surrounding areas. She is insured and is a member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR).

She has a Distinction, Level 3 AQA Diploma in Reflexology, having qualified at the Central London School of Reflexology in 2005.

Tracy Friend is running the South East London Association of Reflexologists local area group.

Tracy provides a holistic overview of an individual’s lifestyle and develops tailored treatment programs targeted to the individual.


Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment which is very relaxing and soothing and can enhance well-being, helping to bring the body and mind into greater balance.


Reflexology may work in conjunction with conventional medicine and lifestyle changes to allow the body to come into greater balance which may assist with enhancing fertility.

Maternity & Post Natal

Many women enjoy reflexology to feel more relaxed and to enhance their well-being throughout pregnancy and after giving birth.

The system of Reflexology explains that the whole body is reflected in the feet. A reflexologist can detect tiny deposits and imbalances in the feet and by applying pressure on these points the flow of energy through the energetic pathways in the body can be increased and brought into greater balance which can benefit the body, emotions and the mind.

It is a safe and natural way of bringing the mind and body into greater harmony.

Reflexology is a complimentary therapy. It does not claim to cure or diagnose.Reflexologist Herne Hill SE24, London

It can help many people with increasing their well-being and peace of mind and thereby assist with conditions such as asthma, hay fever, headaches & migraines, fertility, irritable bowel syndrome, back & neck pain, sinus problems and hormone imbalances. Tracy also offers Maternity Reflexology.

In addition to practising reflexology Tracy is the founder of Liberating the Heart and the co-founder of the Law of Attraction Centre, a meditation teacher, a qigong teacher, a therapeutic yoga consultant and a yoga teacher.

Through Tracy’s extensive experience and training in healing modalities she helps her clients to move beyond any limitations to find more balance and greater emotional, mental and physical well-being.

She is a lifelong learner and continues to be amazed by how precisely the feet reflect the body and how reflexology provides a gentle, non-invasive way of helping people.

What happens during a treatment?
Reflexology in Herne Hill with Tracy Friend

You will be asked to remove only your shoes and socks and your feet will be wiped.  Subsequently the treatment will commence which comprises a relaxing foot massage in which a gentle pressure is applied to the foot reflex points.

Songbird natural products are used for treatments which are lovely natural, plant based and ethical products.

How many treatments will I need?

As the benefits of reflexology are cumulative, normally a course of 6 treatments with a treatment ever week is recommended, however this will vary according to your own particular needs. After an initial course of weekly treatments, people often find it helpful to have maintenance treatments at a specific interval of time such as once or twice a month.

Reflexology Herne Hill SE24, LondonHow will I feel after the treatment?

Frequent responses to treatment include relaxation, more energy, improved sleep and improved well-being.

Occasionally, following treatment symptoms might be slightly increased for 24 hours as the body’s healing process commences.

After treatment advice:

It is recommended to drink plenty of water after the treatment to help the body eliminate the toxins that have been released.

Where are treatments available?

– Herne Hill Space:

Herne Hill Space, 135 Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, London SE24 0NG. Herne Hill Space is a lovely treatment room opposite Brockwell Park and it is a two minute walk from Herne Hill Station. The train journey from London Victoria to Herne Hill takes around 10 minutes. Herne Hill Space also has good public transport links with Dulwich, Brixton, Tulse Hill and West Norwood.

– Home Visits:

Home visits are available in Herne Hill, West Norwood, Tulse Hill, Brixton, Streatham, Balham, Crystal Palace, Gipsy Hill, Dulwich and the surrounding areas depending on your location (female clients only).


“The session made me feel she had flushed me of impurities in my mind and body. Tracy really is one of a kind, I felt completely energised and restored. A truly uplifting and rejuvenating session.”

“Tracy gave me a very thorough reflexology treatment which was very soothing and relaxing. Some joints in my feet felt more supple after manipulation of specific areas. I was given some pointers on diet to try and improve one issue. Overall it was time well spent and very enjoyable.”

“As a person who has many medical problems with my feet, I was sceptical as to how reflexology would work. However, Tracy was very thorough and careful with my treatment. Several areas that were tender on my feet when I asked Tracy which parts of the body they corresponded to, were parts of the body I have issues with which was insightful. The treatment greatly improved the flexibility of my feet and lessened the amount of fluid in them. I ended the session feeling very relaxed and significantly steadier on my feet. I only wish I could have a treatment every week with Tracy.”

Treatment Prices at Herne Hill Space and Home Visits:

55 Minute Reflexology Treatment:£74
55 Minute Maternity Reflexology Treatment:£74
90 Minute Reflexology Treatment:£102
2 Hour Reflexology Treatment:£124
Course of Six, 55 Minute Reflexology Treatments (six treatments for the price of five):£370
Course of Six, 55 Minute Maternity Reflexology Treatments (six treatments for the price of five):£370
Course of Six, 90 Minute Reflexology Treatments (six treatments for the price of five):£510
Reflexology is also available for corporate events, weddings, birthdays, retreats and other events.

For home visits where two people are having a consecutive 55 minute treatment there is a discount of £20 (a discount of £10 per treatment).

For home visits there is a 10% discount for NHS employees (please have your NHS ID ready to show at your appointment).

For current clients, if you recommend Reflexology Herne Hill to a friend and your friend books a treatment, you will receive £10 off your next treatment and your friend will also receive £10 off their first treatment.

Gift vouchers are available.
Reflexology Herne Hill SE24, London

Tracy also offers corporate Reflexology for companies.

Please note appointments cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the appointment are non-refundable and there is a £30 fee if you wish to reschedule a 55 minute or 90 minute appointment, and a £45 fee if you wish to reschedule a 2 hour appointment. For home visit appointments cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the treatment, a discretionary waiving of the rescheduling fee will be assessed on a case by case basis. Treatments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please note that it is necessary to be aged 18 years or older to have Reflexology treatments with Tracy Friend.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment or for more information please fill out the form below or email

Reflexology Research:

To read research studies and reviews investigating the effect of Reflexology on different conditions please click here.

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